Music Performed (in the June 2016 Production)

Charleston, Lyrics and music by Cecil Mack and Jimmy Johnson (1923)

Mandy, Make Up Your Mind, Lyrics by Grant Clarke and Roy Turk ; music by
George W. Meyer and Arthur Johnston(1924)

I Wanna be Loved by You, Lyric by Bert Kalmar, music by Herbert Stothart and Harry Ruby (1928)

San, Lyrics and music by Lindsay McPhail and Walter Michels (1920)

My Man, Lyrics and music by James Hanley and Gene Buck (1920)

I’ve Found a New Baby, Lyrics and music by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams 1926)

I’m the Last of the Red Hot Mamas,  Music and lyrics by Jack Yellen (circa 1929)

Some of These Days, Music and lyrics by Shelton Brooks (1910)

Do, Do, Do, Music and lyrics by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin (1926)

Dill Pickles (a/k/a The Dill Pickle Rag), Charles L. Johnson (1918)

Grandpa’s Spells Jelly Roll Morton(1924)

Buddy Bolden’s Blues,  Music by Buddy Bolden(Date unknown, but probably between 1890 and 1910. Considered to be the oldest known jazz tune.)

Hinky Dinky Parlee-Voo, Folk song popular in World War I, 1914-18

Hallelujah I’m a Bum, Traditional folk song from early 1900s

The Preacher and the Slave, Music and lyrics by Joe Hill, early 1900s

Casey Jones, Traditional labor song from early 1900s

Recordings of some of the other music used in the play included the following.

Srev Shel Shoshnia, Traditional Jewish wedding music

Hava Nagala, Traditional Jewish dance

Lucky Lindy, Abel Baer and Wolfe Gilbert, 1929

If I Had a Talking Picture of You, B.G. DeSyulvia, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson, 1929

I’ll See You in My Dreams, Ishan Jones and Gus Kahn, 1924